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          Our wear blocks combine a number of metallurgical properties into one unique wear resistant material which today has been widely used in most abrasive wear applications. It is an extremely hard laminated bi-metallic, wear resistant composite, which has a nominal hardness of 700 BHN (HRC 63) minimum, produced by combining a highly alloyed chromium-molybdenum white iron and metallurgically bonding it to a mild steel backing plate. The bonding possesses high shear strength of over 200 MPa and will not separate.

         The alloy's microstructure is made up of primary and secondary chromium carbides which are supported by a hard, finely dispersed Martenstic matrix. The hardness of alloy provides maximum abrasion resistance, while the steel backing plate acts as a means of absorbing high impacts and allows easy fitting and use.

        Typical applications of Wear Blocks include Excavator Buckets, Loader Buckets, Dragline Buckets, Face Shovel Buckets, Spider Arm Guards on Crushers, Discharge Chutes, Rock Boxes, Grizzly Bars on Feeders, Shredder and Grinding Mills, Sugar Cane Knife Edges,Adaptor/Attachment Protection, Dredging Equipment, Screen Feed Distribution and Fee Hopper Wear Areas.

        Our wear blocks have been examined and tested for grade, quality, chemical analysis and hardness which guarantee high abrasion and impact resistance.

        Facts about our blocks for wear protection:
    • Alloy hardness of HBN700 (HRC 63) for long life
    • Additional carbides of 1500 HV maximize resistance to abrasion
    • Circular and dome design minimizes effects of impact, resulting in less chance of loss
    • Easy to position for effective wear resistance
    • Proven in mining and construction bucket applications

         Various sizes and shapes are available here and the most common ones are as follows:
    chocky blocks, shaped or standard wear bars, wear buttons, wear donuts, shredder/grinder tips, cane knife edges, boomerangs, wear plates, wafer strips, skid bars


    wear parts
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