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    HOMEProducts CenterDiamond Drilling Tools  

         Diamond drilling tools cover core bits, non coring bits, reaming shells, casing & casing shoe bits, thin wall core bits, core barrels, overshots, rods,

    1) Drill Bit: Impregnated Diamond Core Bit/ Surface Set Diamond Core Bit/Electro-plated Core Bit/ Tungsten Bit/ Polycrystalline Diamond Core Bit (PDC Bit)/Masonry Bit, and
    2) Reaming Shell: Tungsten Reaming Shell/ Polycrystalline Reaming Shell/Electroplated Reaming Shell/Surface Set Diamond Reaming Shell, and
    3) Drilling tools, Drilling Equipment and Accessories.

         Various sizes and styles are available and used for site investigation, mineral exploration and water well drilling etc.


    BQ Impregn
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    core bit
    Standard: Unit:

    HQ surface
    Standard: Unit:

    HQ surface
    Standard: Unit:

    HW casing
    Standard: Unit:

    HWF impreg
    Standard: Unit:

    NWM reamin
    Standard: Unit:

    NWT bit
    Standard: Unit:

    NX casing
    Standard: Unit:

    PQ impregn
    Standard: Unit:

    Standard: Unit:

    Standard: Unit:
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