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         Our rock drilling tools (top hammer drilling equipments) mainly cover the following fields:
    Shank adaptors, coupling sleeves, button bits, chisel bit, cross bits, integral drill steels, tapered drill rods, drifting rod, speed rods, drill tube, and so on;

    --Chisel bits, connection tapered, diameter from 20mm to 50mm
    --Button bits, connection tapered or threaded, diameter from 33mm to 127mm;
    --Cross bits, connection tapered or threaded, diameter from 28mm to 95mm;
    --Coupling sleeves, R25, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51;
    --Shank adaptor
    --Drill rods (B22, B25 tapered drill rod and R32, R38, T38, T45, T51 drifting rod, speed rods)
    --Integral drill steels

         Various sizes and styles are available and applicable for mining, quarrying, tunneling, civil engineering, water drilling and construction.


    Taper cros
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    Taper chis
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    Taper butt
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    shank adap
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    Coupling S
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    button bit
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